Extreme off-road downhill casterboarding, caught on film!

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This may have been the best EPIC SESH to date…  three guys, two boards, two backpacks, 7+ hours out in the canyons of Laguna Beach: it produced the best 25 minute film of all time!

Just a little film to pass the time…

New sport?  Sounds immense!  #RideAXIS

Soon we’ll see if we can possibly implement this into AKCF…

Our planned EPIC SESH 10 fell into some roadblocks, first having Arron McCrory not able to come along, and then a four hour late start.  It ended up being a rush through what was actually the good trails to get to where we, many hours later, were losing daylight and exhausted from the burden of backpacks full of water and supplies.

Nevertheless, in its retribution, it has been resurrected as EPIC SESH 9½, yet it introduces a new form of EPIC SESH.  This time, coming in at only around 3 minutes, expect the unexpected in the most action-packed EPIC SESH to date!

ES9½ is to be released this weekend, so keep tuned!

In the meantime, here is ES8 to hold you over, which reintroduced HD footage to the series and introduced artistic aesthetics to EPIC SESH!

One day, a new casterchair may be built.  But for now, this is the last of the casterchairing films.

A new video logo has been created!  Based on the new image logo, it’s mostly identical.

Planned route for EPIC SESH 10.

Planned route for EPIC SESH 10.

New video!  Lots of spins with the casterchair… at night!

Hey look, it’s ES8.5…